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Diito here Don, the eighties have been a pleasnat change for us ( and our electric bill) !
I'd like to quote from my Great Grandfather Sam's journals from December 12, 1867. He was a 'Log Boss' who ran a lumber camp in the farthest reaches of northern Wisconsin in the mid 1860's. Sam was 31 years old when he wrote this. He was a typical lumberjack - 6 foot 6 inches tall and 240 pounds.



That year, that part of the state received over 11 feet of snow from September 1866 to April 1867. Sam's journals mentioned drifts 15 feet in height and the next summer, some snow was still in the deep forest until early July.

Violet - That's Snow!!
I love diaries and journals!
Thank you for sharing!

My business starts to pick up this time of year, so I get really busy and much more so when winter finally gets here. Having a propane company makes it difficult for a guy who looks forward to deer season. Tha's ok though, it has been a pretty long summer and I am ready for it to get busy.