Seven Days Of Hell

7 days ago i notice my speech slurring or when trying to have a normal conversation ended up as one disaster after the other. Dizziness, unable to walk straight even typing this out is going to take a while. I hav lost the memory where the keys are so it all new to me again.
( about a 50cent piece of my brain/ tumor has been taken out).

So i went to see the doctor and told him what the problem was, he rushed me of to hospital for a ICT scan, a tumorshowed up on the brain on the xrays, they then rushed me off to the city hospital for an MRI scan. (MRI scan anyone who has had one will know what i mean when i mention STARWARS sounds this is to test the brain can pick up sounds 360 degrees i persume. 20minutes of it
move the body to much and ill have to do it all over a again). The tumor had to be removed to stop it spreading. My choice tho. If i decide to leave it in take my chances, my chances are pretty slim. Prone to more slurry speech, possible seizures,tumor spreading. Take it out i said to the surgeon. If i decide to go ahead with it i could have sezisures.

Of to the Operating ward. 3 hrs later i wake up in the bed still coming out of Anesthetic about 1 hr later i have a seizure - fit. Scariest thing iv ever experience, face twitching, body & hands shaking couldn't press the buzzer to alert the nurses as i was shaking to much, Then what seem like an eternity i went calm. My eyes were open during the seizure which is a good sign they said. If you have a seizure in your sleep its not, the only way you would know if you had one is when you wake up in the mornin with a sore jaw or a slight dribble when speaking. When the doc told me that i thought back and remember a couple of times during the past yr, that i have woken up with a sore jaw and slight dribbling at the mouth, i must of had a seizure during the night. Wow how sick was i back then!

Okay this has already taken me nearly 2hrs to finish this where i typed it up in notepad and copy paste here stopping for breaks as i can feel fatigue setting in. Being doped up to the eyeballs on medication isn't helping either, Life is in SLOW MODE atm. I take about 6 tablet per day , codeine, Steroids, anti blood pressure pills anti fit pills, some for the stomach some for the swelling of the brain. Zombie time! Have my son and my sisters takin good care of me oh yes i want to give a big thanks to the nurses at Waikato hospital here in Hamilton NZ. They were a sight for sore eyes and im positive they lowered my Blood pressure down every time they showed up.
And the good surgeons who got me through the operation.

No TV, No watching movies no gaming, listening to music is ok, anything that will set the brain of into stress mode can lead to a seizure no web surfing. Even txting ona cell phone ca n & too much reading over a long period I got bored. Its hard tying to keep away from entertainment. ill miss the movies and and till recovery.

Ive had a lot of time to think while lyin in Hos, if anyone reading this has ever experience bad headaches extreme ones that are always in the same area of the brain. Go get it checked out at the docs and ask for an ICT scan just to be sure. according to the surgeon ive had this Tumor for years. I remember the terrible headaches and just passed it off as over stressed or fatigue pop a panadol and she'll be right.. the warnings were there. The tumor will just manifest itself where it will need to be removed or it could be too late to remove the tumor. luckily im only 49 still young enough to kill the tumor & still in pretty fit condition, well i thought i was. lol

Ok i wontbe posting on here as much as i would like. so take care everyone hope to be back when ive come right.
Poor thing! I will pray for you and hope you continue to get better. It is by Gods grace you are still alive and made the decision you did. Thank you for coming on here and informing people of what you went through, since someone else might come across this in the future.
Thanks evryone, another thing i wish to mention, while laying in HOS bed over those days feeling all sorry for myself like we do when things go bad, a Preacher walked in the room came up to me an introduced himself. First thing i said if he has a bible i could read. He said not on him but he has a booklet he'll drop off tommorrow 'The Word for Today' which help kept me calm for 2 days straight, he also gave me a blessing and told me to make an effort to go to Church when i get well. Which im thinking i might do one Sunday.

"Do you go to Church son he said. No.
Why not?
Well what church is going to take me in?
He laughed, dont think like that go round to the nearest church you find and if you do not feel right with that church then go find another in your town. Sooner or later you will find the one you want to belong too. Never stop searching. IM not allowed to drive cause of prone to seziures but i can walk. So will make a effort to get there.

So like i said while feeling sorry for myself i said to God, God whats happening, what have i done now? Im pretty much frighten at what has just happen. Calm my fear. Next minute this Preacher walks in.:)

Amen to that
Well this is saying something. In a forum where i considered not one poster (except for maybe one or two Jesus loving Christians) would have a religious bone in there body, yet in the American forum the thread i put up about my brain tumor has now reached page 7 thats SEVEN PAGES! Of these God mockers wishing me well with encouragement to keep at it.

In this Christians forum site its still on page 1 :LOL: I suppose you all think i am making my brain tumor up or something:rolleyes:

Go to American forum check out my thread, feel good. Come here check out my thread, feel bad head to the med cabinet. Who says God mockers shouldn't be trusted My trust in them has gone up tenfold since my thread.

It actually put me off taking the Chaplin advice and going to church.Why should i go they couldn't care less if i was dying of cancer. I still have my faith in God though. Maybe on a thin line at the moment but i still do.

Okay just to be fair i have been a member of that forum since 2005 and only been a member here since Nov- Dec 2012. But this is a christian forum with good like minded people i like to believe. Christians verses God mockers, should be no contest.:)

I have been on a hell of a journey which i never bothered to add here till now, up to my 3rd seizure since being at the hospital Having a fit is the worse thing anyone could experience i wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. But i have now realized their are warning signs before it starts. A heartbeat sound just above my right ear that gets louder and louder then the eye & mouth twitching starts that's uncontrollable i can't stop it no matter what just ly down wait for it to go away and pray a lot!
Visited radiologist today, he told me there is a small tumor growing. Small enough to slow it down with treatment but not big enough to operate on, this tumor was separate to the main one as i ask him how come surgeons did not take out both at once?!? To dangerous probably having two holes in my head might kill me so leave it to radiation & chemo (pills)sessions. 60 days living in the HOS Lodge wih othe patients in the same boat, great company i suppose. Good thing, they got TV, &Internet access. Free travel to home on weekends and back again. Bad news. The chemo will caue Hair loss ( not a problem, most of my life i have had number 1 hair cuts ao might get a Kojak cut when i return home:) . Fatique and being neuseated.:(

When my sickness gets worse i think of Job. I tell myself My suffering is nothing compared to what Job went through.
I think sometimes i need to stop questioning God, what a fool ive been! Why should He listen to me or keep up with my grumbling. The almighty One can destory me in an instant and heres this fool (me)questioning Him! Im lucky i never died after the Operation.:speechless:

The lord humbles us...
My heart is so sad to hear what you're going through. I just pray for you and others are going through things on this site like Bill with his multple sclerosis It's just so saddens me. I feel like such a selfish person. I wish I could help you and others who go through such horrible things. Sorry for rambling I just hate it when people suffer. I'm going to bed, good night.
I watched my grandfather and his brothers all go through cancer of some type....none of them made it past 74 and none of them ever shared the Gospel with me before they passed. I was not saved at the time.

I don't know what to tell you, other than I will send up a prayer for you.

From what studies I have done on cancer: I have seen interesting research on the combative nature of cancer cells from 'hemp' oil AKA: cannabis (not promoting-just saying...mods), also Vitamin B. I have read stories of people completely changing their diets and the cancer literally disappearing.

It is my belief from the trends we've seen in the last 30 years- GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and BPAs (bisphenol) found in plastics are major contributors to cancer cell activation. I've read stories of people dumping all there plastic ware and 'microwavable' dishes and going on an 'organic only' diet and seeing cancer slow down or disappear. I've read people going on a diabetic diet having the same results and as if treating 'candida' staying of any starches. They are killing us in our food , air and water; then charge us to fix it at the doctor's office.

Anyway-before I ramble on too much-God be with you-tell somebody about Jesus today.

Your Brother in Christ
Thanks dirtyrottensinner. Believe me i am okay wirth this news. The radiologist explained everything it was no to the point. Frank you are going to die more int the way that when i walkeed out I felt confident enough that i am going to beat this 2nd tumor God has chosen the right radiologist for me! I just need to get through the 60 days of treatment first :)

God & The radiologist will get me throuh this, i haven't given up hope yet on Him. Providing i stop questioning Him. But he has humbled me, both feet on the ground no more grouching!
Cat Scan? ICT or MRI scans only But all good that picture made me laugh anyway :)

But Rusty help myself? it aint easy i wish i could just take a pill and be okay the next day. I'll leave that up to the boss upstairs mate cause i am helpless without Him i am at his mercy. Not just one tumor oh no, two tumors. :eek:
Cat Scan? ICT or MRI scans only But all good that picture made me laugh anyway :)

But Rusty help myself? it aint easy i wish i could just take a pill and be okay the next day. I'll leave that up to the boss upstairs mate cause i am helpless without Him i am at his mercy. Not just one tumor oh no, two tumors. :eek:
That "help yourself" was for Tink using my photo.

My wife's brain tumour is the size of an egg, has made her blind, messed with her hormones and thyroid , etc. God sent the right doctors our way and she is fine and dandy, praising God and quite at easy with His will for her.