Shalom from a Messianic Jew with a love for German bands

Shalom from a Messianic Jew with a love for German bands

Hello! I am a verbose happy rattler who has a wide variety of interests. Among them include, German Industrial Metal bands (need to find Christian bands in this genre that sing in German and have German sound), designing never ending mansions, writing children's books where the characters are athiestic and become saved - currently after running away from home :roll: ; British telly shows, lots more... and Y'Shua (Jesus in Hebrew).

This is what I have been working on as of late:
Eventually, (in the next few months of this year), I will have a Children's site that is Christian and based on the books I write with games, bible games (not based on my books, but based on the Bible), and NO links to ads, NO sci-fi by unsaved, etc. and NO links to my site. Why? So that I can properly witness to the Christian family and the Secular family without 'offending' either. I will have my books on both sites so that those who come to my tpgames site, might become saved.

Personal about me: I've been saved since 1 1/2 yrs. of age. The Lord Himself witnessed to me. I reasoned that He must be telling the truth, so said Yes even though I did not fully understand what it all meant - I knew that He was God, Made me, I had something called a Sin, and I needed Him to get rid of it. That's all I needed to become saved. After that, I worked on having a healthy relationship with Jesus. I am still working on that. I have a degree in Social Science with a concentrate in Sociology and Criminal Justice. I use this in my writings. I also have a degree in Bible. For the insomiac, I can write a book on my AIM name. Which is why I am making myself leave this site and go to bed! It's 12:22 AM here. I promise that I won't be here too often. My site keeps me very busy. I just happen to be unwinding to go to bed, and being reminded why finding a forum does NOT help me unwind. It winds me up instead, and rattler goes off rattling for the next 2 hours. :lol:
Wow! You are busy! Welcome to the forums! I hope you like it here, but remember to get some sleep, too! lol! God bless!

In Christ,

Hello, hope you enjoy yourself here! By the way, can you provide me some more info on your bible games? I'm looking for some myself. Thanks!

Welcome! I work with children as a Christian School principal. Glad you are with us. Feel free to stop by the family and children section and post.

God bless,