Share the Pain...

Share the Pain...

I feel the need to share this story with this community cause I thrust in it and I believe I'll find supports from people here.
So story goes like this...
I was born 11.april.1992 in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia. My mother is Serbian and my father is Croatian. I was born in middle of war between Serbia and Croatia. I cant say much about it cause I don't remember, I was a little child back than. I lived in small village named Višnjićevo. Serbian aggressor army was cleaning provinces of Srem and Vojvodina (2 Serbian provinces with most of Croatian population) from Croatian people by massively taking them from their homes, killing them and throwing them in massive tombs. They would come and kill my father, by coming to know he have 2 children (my brother and me) they would probably kill us too (imagine that, armed people killing children only because they are Croatians) IT WAS ETHNIC CLEANING. So my parents decided to move at my father place where I live now - Split, Croatia. There wasn't much problems for me until I came to live in Croatia.
People that came to know I'm from Serbia hated me and rejected me so my mother said its best to keep my mouth shut about it. It left great scar on me in my childhood... I was terrorised by other "friends" cause of my birthplace, my mother wasn't able to find job cause she was Serbian. Lucky my father known a lot of people here so it wasn't hard for us as it could be... Shame is that Americans responded lately on that Serbian terror, they started to "defend" when war was over... So whole world watched our fathers and brothers here die in battle against those terrorists. Its late now! Dead people screams that... our scars are our pride! I spent more than half of my life in knowing that Im hated by other people just because country i was borned in. But there was good things in that time, I attended catechism at school and I learned that I am not guilty for that war, and i wont answer to anyone but God! I learned to love, and by the time I was loved back! No more fear... No more hate... Thank you Christ, thanks to everyone who supported me and loved me - MY LOVE WILL REFLECT BACK!

If there is any grammar mistakes in text please don't judge me cause I don't write English very well.
Thank you for sharing that. It helps us to see that conflict in a more personal way. I pray that God will bring healing and peace to your city and nation even as he has done so in your own heart.
Amen yes your Love will reflect
love is the one true force that shatters
all hate all war and conquers sin and receives victory
true strength and courage in life
is to do what you did
Love in the face of hate and war
may your love be Blessed always
Blessings to you and we understand completely all that you have endured. We welcome you to CFS and please consider yourself as a member of our Christian Family here. May God bless...
Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am so happy to hear that through everything you went through, you have come through it strong, loving Christ.

We are so happy that you have joined our family here.

God bless you.