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Growing Deeper - Discussion Questions
Read Micah 6:1-8

1. What does it mean to do justice? Provide some practical examples.

2. What are some of the ways in which we have tried to satisfy God and now realize it either was not enough or not what God desired?

Read -Rom 12:1-8

1. What does Paul urge his brothers and sisters to do (Romans 12:1)?

2. What three ways does Paul describe God’s will at the end of verse 2?




3. What is the difference in the way Paul talks about our view toward ourselves (Romans 12:3-5) and the way the world or friends understand “self-esteem”?
Read 1Timothy 2:9-15

1. What does verse 5 tell us about the relationship of individual believers to God?

2. How should we understand verses 11-15?

Read John 3:31-36.
1. In this section the author, John (not John the Baptist) reflects on the superiority of Jesus. What statements stand out to you that display Christ’s superiority? What does this tell us about Jesus?