Hey Sheba,

Welcome back from your camp meetings. Now you come all reved up and ready to give us some good words.

Hallalujah !!!

Hey Dusty! Thanks for the welcome Violet and Jax.:) Yes, I had a wonderful time at Campmeeting. The anointing on the speakers flowed from the podium and reached those of us in attendance. It was a wonderful week of refreshing that I so badly needed. I am not the same! PTL! As you know Dusty, my Pastor was one of the speakers. His topic was "Returning to Reverence of God". His main text was 2 Samuel 6:1-23. He also used Proverbs 8:1 &13, and Psalms 119. He used several other scriptures as well, but the main text he taught out of was 2 Sam. 6. Though it was what some may think, a somber message, it was much needed. He used a couple of present day illustrations; one was related to how sometimes people get up and walk (or talk) during church service, and how in our day, that sort of thing was never done! We sat through service until it was over, unless there was an emergency of some kind. As we were reminded to return to reverencing the Lord, we were blessed and refreshed! HALLEJUAH! We need these kinds of messages regularly in the church today, so that we will not forget to Whom we belong.:amen: Yes, I was refreshed and I'm ready for the next two years of learning and discovering exciting things God has done and is continuing to do!:)

I feel you have come here for the right reasons Sheba .. I prefer this in all of benefit personally .. We lend our time together for once, to edify earnestly in the wonderful endear cause of fellowship for His ways are pure, our reference for the well esteem in what we do matters ..

Hi Jesse,

You look like a fairly newbie as well so welcome.:welcome: I haven't been here too long but already feel the love of Jesus in this forum. Blessings.:jesus-sign::jesus-sign: