Shining at work can be painful

Shining at work can be painful

Say, for instance, all people have the same amount of light at normality, be it how we work, our efficiency and so forth. Some people have a rheostat. They are able to turn up their very well and shine greatly. Some people don't have that ability or don't want to use it. They, instead, gain their higher brightness by darkening the brightness of others. That way they shine brighter; they are the ones in the lime lite; they are the Golden Child, so to speak. They love this. They love being praised and adored by everyone. They want people to think of them as outstanding. But if someone else tries to shine, they are immediately angry. They will take offense at anyone who might naturally outshine them. "How dare anyone try to be anything!" "That takes away from ME!" They will excuse their anger and actually find it in themselves to justify harm to another person as though they were doing some kind of evil and righteously deserved to be punished...for daring to be as bright as a normal setting. They can actually tell themselves they are safe in God's sight; that God probably is with them in harming or punishing the other person. Either that or they just don't think about God and allow Satan to bolster their ego and self righteousness....allow them to continue to feel good and positive about themselves.

It isn't a bad thing to want to shine brightly, provided it isn't done by tearing someone else down or in an evil way or for evil purposes. To want to shine to please the boss because of a love for the Lord of life, who says for us to give our whole hearts to what we do; who says to work
for our bosses...those over us... as though working for him, isn't a bad thing. These people and probably all unbelievers twist this kind of work or shining in their minds as a kiss-up and something being done against them. That's basically the same spirit of the Devil. It is what Cain did.

Cain killed his brother, Able, because Able humbly, with no malice against Cain or any desire to show him up, presented a loving sacrifice to his boss, our God; our Lord. When the Lord showed approval toward Able, this made Cain very jealous and angry. Cain wanted that approval all for himself, without actually deserving it. Cain twisted the good sacrifice of Able in his mind as though Able were doing it all against him and with an evil purpose. But all Cain ended up doing was harming an innocent and being condemned for it.

The reason Cain did this was because he didn't have faith; he rejected the faith the Lord tries to work in us all. Cain preferred himself to others and probably rideculed and belittled any
attempt to move him to a loving and faithful state with common words that are prevalent in our society like: "That idiot", "there's something wrong with him" or snickering in embarrassment and looking at each other, rolling eyes. They prefer the "self" to others. They prefer machisimo or ego or sinful pride to eternal life in heaven.The faith that makes us see ourselves for how we truly are and cries out to God for mercy for being as evil as we are. The faith that puts our hope in Christ and causes us to love him and want to do what he wants, which is to love each other and help each other stand up and shine; to "wash each other's feet". I think it is worded: "The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love".
When you walk into a room most people know you are christian before you even speak-if you walk close to Jesus you carry His Presence with you- the more of the Presence the more reaction you can get- some are drawn- some who are in demonic bondage will be repelled even as the spirits who riegn in their minds and hearts will be repelled- this is the norm for a christian- we are the light that shines in the darkness (as He dwells in us)- As far as work I have never bee able to give anything less than my best for that " do all things as unto the Lord thing" burns in my mind and heart- if that is a problem for someone else to bad for them- if they choose to be nasty or unpleasant to bad for them for I am safe in my Fathers arms .
If that is what is happening, it explains some things. :)

On a different note - I nearly passed out this morning. I thought I was going to need to go to the hospital but couldn't figure out how to get there without driving myself. I didn't want to do that because it could've endangered other motorists because of the possibility of going unconscious. Not that i wouldn't want to wake up in the Lord's arms, mind you, but I'm certain other people, especially those who might not know the Lord through faith, wouldn't want to have their time of grace ended.

I thought about going next door to the lady who lives there and asking if she might drive me to the hospital but, for some reason she has been rather cold to me the last few weeks. She normally would say a cheerful hello when I went outside and she saw me. Her children, also, would be cheerful to me. Now, however, none of them say anything when they see me and when I say hello, they give what seems to me a half-hearted wave and hello.

I guess I just need to stuff my timidity and get the courage to go to her and see if I have offended her in some way and make amends.

EDIT - I have an idea what I'll do...:D
I pray God's healing and safety over you brother- if all else fails call a cab!
Thank you, Larry, for your brotherly kindness.

I live in the sticks, so to speak. :( There is barely civilization here...j/k. But it did take nearly forever just to get DSL available here. I'd figure out something though. I did try to make amends with my neighbor. I asked her if I had done anything to offend her but she hasn't gotten back to me.

Nevertheless, my spirit is high and I have peace in my heart. i just got done with my nightly prayer and petitions. I'm ready for whatever will happen to me. :)
Marty you must have a bus or something out there - I usually go to an Urgent Care facility unless I am in really bad shape- it is alot cheaper than an ER
Marty you must have a bus or something out there - I usually go to an Urgent Care facility unless I am in really bad shape- it is alot cheaper than an ER

It isn't even a rural area. It is basically a town in the countryside. About 80 miles away from the capitol city, 40 miles away from the 3 largest cities.

There are two hospitals. One is west about 13 miles, the other is east about 16 miles.

To use a cab, they would need to come from the east city.

I'm doing better, anyway. Thanks for your concern. I believe if the situation were desperate enough for me to need to go to a hospital, the Lord would way or another. :)
I received a reply from my neighbor about whether I had offended her in any way. It wasn't the kindest of replies, certainly nothing rude but it just kind of made me uneasy, like I don't want to interact with her any kind of way. Just stay to my business and her to hers. She did say, to her knowledge, that I hadn't done anything offensive.

Oh well.