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Sounds interesting! More ingredients for the shopping list! Love it!:D

Pastor - true words, thanks for that.

At my house, I insist that we always give thanks and prayer for every meal. It's looked as as strange when visitors come to my house and we all join hands. One of my friends told me later on that he thought he was sitting with a bunch of people in a commune!:eek:

But it's not by our hands that we get the things we need to eat and survive...but by His glory. He has sustained us, given the tools that we need to harvest our foods. Every item on our shopping list is a gift sent to us by Him.

I really believe that. He placed the food before us at the table. And just like I'd be thankful to anybody else for cooking or when I go to a guest's house, I'm thankful for the food on my own table.

My dad's new stepson was eager to dive into pizza one night. He's HUGE!!! Dresses like a rapper. Wears gold chains. Acts tough. Standing next to him, I looked like a pipsqueek. He ran over and opened the pizza box and I yelled at him: "Not until we pray!"

Boy, it looked like I'd just slapped him! He immediately listened, and his mom says he hardly ever listens! We got to be good friends, though.:D
I read the first post and no other posts, so I didn't look at other people's replys. But here's what I do.

Yogurt - just about the only thing I snack on when i can't make it to a meal. It beats eating popcorn, chips, or crackers or things like that.

Burger patties - I eat alot of healthy burgers without mayonays cuz, well, I'm a guy. I like muscle. A couple of my friends bulked up to play offensive line by eating 6 burgers a day so burgers are good, as long as you are doing some cardio a couple times a week too.

G2 - is the other kind of gatorade. Regular gatorade is healthy and has lots of energy, don't get me wrong, but if you stay inactive, the 130 calories and sugar isn't good. I personally am active and work out every day, some times twice a day. But for busy people who can't or just don't want to, G2 is better because it has less than half the sugar and calories, but IMO tastes as good or better as gatorade.

Chicken Alfredo pasta - this is a great lunch or dinner, pasta is very healthy with little junk in it. It takes about 15 minutes to make, 10 to cool. I could live off this pasta. If you get it just the right dryness, it's amazing. Don't be stupid and put too much water or milk in it though, then it isn't very tasty and you will get sick of it.

Eggs - I love making hard boiled eggs as another snack option. It's a nice spell to the cold yogurt, sometimes you just need something hot and quick. It has all kinds of protein in it. It is healthy as long as you don't screw it up by putting a bunch of salt on it. Keep the salt to a minimum, and this is a healthy snack.

Eating habbits - watch the junk you put in your house. I'd recommend stop buying coke or pepsi products altogether. I was addicted and somehow quit, so you can too. Get some bottled water if it helps you get off the coke. If Coke is too meaningful to you to give up, just cut back. Slowly and surely you won't need it anymore.

Also, don't eat right before you go to bed. When you have undigested food in your system, you system doesn't do anything with the calories. You are no longer up and walking around to burn any of the calories. The people who eat ice cream right before hitting the sack are the people who have the most trouble. I have the most trouble because I can't sleep when hungry. So what I do is drink as much water until I can't force any more down. You system then believes its full and stops telling you it's hungry.
Red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers. I make some great fajitas with tons of garlic, onion, small amount of chicken, broccoli, soy sauce. Wrap in a cheesed up whole wheat or flour tortilla with a little sour cream and you are in em! I also make wild rice with tons of garlic and onion and add that to a fajita sometimes......soooo good!
Wow! Lots of excellent suggestions!

Dietary no-no's?

I leave anything with hydrogenated oils out of the basket. They're bad, they're nothing but trouble. Sugar is also a no-no when I go shopping. Salt, I don't care so much about. I exercise a lot and I sweat badly when working out - once, my doctor told me I was low on sodium!:eek: I also tend to shy away from instant meals like TV dinners and canned goodies.

No McDonald's, ever! The nearest one is 15 miles away, so I'm glad for that. I can't pass up a good KFC, though.:eek:
Sugar. Nothing worse for your system.

Something I learned from Uncle Franks Natropathic Doctor...

Sugar masks or cloaks cancer. Your body doesn't realise it is a threat in your body, and doesn't seek to destroy it. Elliminate sugar & your body will be better able to recognise things that threaten it.

Not to meantion diabetes, obesity, "feeling sick & tired"....
I splurged and had birthday cake and ice cream last night.

Then it dawned on me...I posted a thread called "sick and tired" :eek:

I'm going to be studying up on the things that the bible says are wrong for us to consume. This is going to be very interesting, but I think that it's important to eat foods that are good for us - both body and spirit - as commanded by our Father.

When I learn a little more, I'd like to add some of those to my shopping list do's and don'ts.;)
It is NOT a sin to have cake and ice cream. Go for it. I do as well. The amout, however, you need to controll. And how often as well. I wouldn't recommend ever having it right before bed. Being asleep is the worst time to have large amounts of sugar and calories in your system. Have it an hour to an hour and a half before bed. I usually have it once a week or less. Soda, 1-2 mountain dews a week and then thats it.
I stopped reading the thread a few days ago, but I wondered just now if anyone has mentioned nutritional yeast..... it never hurts to have some in your cupboard and throw it into your meals. It adds b-vitamins and other vitamins to your food.
We keep it very simple.
Processed = NO!

Honey and syrup are all we need for sweetening. The kids love it.

Meat, If we didn't feed it, shoot it, or catch it, we don't eat it. household rule.

Steroids, growth hormones, meat shipped in from China or overseas, NO WAY!

We seldom grow enough in the summer to last through the winter, but we can, preserve, and buy only vegetables from people we know.

Daily "Bee Pollen" but make sure it is local. It cracks me up how many people buy pollen from GNC and places like that, and they are buying protection for a place a thousand miles away. Again. If you don't know the grower, don't bother with it.

We cook with lard, but it is from home. Most cooking takes place on the grill outside, Chicken, eggs, are all from the yard.

Don't let white butter turn you off! Just skim the creme off of the milk in the morning and put it in an electric ice cream maker. You'll have fresh butter in 20 minutes.

Leave enough creme for the cereal. Oats, fresh creme, rasins, and honey simply cannot be beat for breakfast.

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Just a reminder that 'The Oil of our People' - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is one of the most usefull and beneficial natural products available. It is the top choice of chefs worldwide for cooking; it is a great skin care product; it quiets squeaky hinges where WD-40 won't; and most importantly, it is the Oil which we use to Anoint. If it was good enough for Christ, it certainly is good enough for us.
Green tea. Everybody's doing it these days.

Cocoa powder. Antioxidants.

Olive oil! Yes! Yeast! Thanks for the suggestions!

BCheezy - as a young guy, I'm sure that you can eat whatever you want and never have to worry about it. I remember being your age...oh, the days! *sighs dreamily*

But today? I'm in my late 30's. If I even THINK about a cake, it goes to my belly. So cake is a sin for me, hee hee. I used to have diabetes a while back, too...and the doctor made me promise to never, ever touch sweets again as long as I shall live, so help me. Today I buy aspartame (I know many people are against the stuff - but it's brought my bloodsugar way down to normal and I don't get the reactions others might get from it - so it's actually beneficial in my diet).

Gosh, I miss those young days. I used to eat anything I wanted and still stay thin! Hee hee hee:eek:
I gotta add something to the list. Lean Cruisines. These are TV dinners 300 calories each. One of the few frozen quick microwave foods that are healthy. They come in 8 different flavors I think. My favorite is the sesame chicken. Good stuff right there.
Like a previous poster said, olive oil! I used to always use canola oil when I first got married (many moons ago) because everyone on tv kept saying how good it was for you... but now, I've switched to using olive oil exclusively.

It's a bit more expensive, and I try to buy the oil that says it's from the first cold press. But a little bit does go a long way.

Admittedly, I do keep a little peanut oil in the pantry on the rare occassion I fry up chicken... but shhhh, let's keep that on the DL. ;)