Shopping With The Holy Spirit

A few year ago I was in a dreadful way with finances to point where the stress was effecting my life. I basically clicked inside and gave it all over to The Lord in a similar way to which Mary did with the wine problem at a certain wedding party, I basically ended up saying" Ok Lord its all your problem now you deal with it, you tell me what to do and so on, if I get any more fines or bank charges, then I blame you for it. OF course I kept to my end as best as I could, I realize this was not a green light for me to spend spend spend.

Since then shopping has been amazing and interesting. I have just come back from yet another amazing outing while shopping with Holy Spirit, I say this becuase I did not really want to go shopping, I was rather like the reluctant child forced to go out to shops with parent.

I did not want to go to shop today, but too much nagging in my mind, "Go to the shop now, Go to shop, must get some shopping done", so I am like ok then, I will go. Yet again amazing how it turned out.

Timing is all important with food reductions, especailly at my local shop at end of road as items are priced up ultra cheap and obviously do not last for -long on shelf. Yet again Holy Spirit took me at right time

I walk in to see assistants just pricing up everything with todays date, I go "Oooo yes I glad I came out shopping now, thanks" as there were piles of fruit, veg and meat going for next to nothing.

I have just arrived home with nearly £50 of groceries but spent less than £10 on it all. This is not first time this has happened either, nor will it be the last as long as i remain obedient to God. All this happened since I surrended all my finances and so on to God, since then I have had an over flowing freezer, i struggle to find room to fit everything, prior to this I used to stare dispondantly at empty draws thinking I should put bottles of water in to make it more efficient.

Its not just food shopping either, had this demonstrated to my daughter as well. Basically we have a wii, well its my daughters actually, she bought an official rechargeable battery pack for the wii remote controller, unfortunately I broke it new one costs £10. Cut long story short, ended up 2 days later in charity shop, where spotted a box for one of these on shelf, priced £6, thought, no too much for second hand item, so put it back.

I was basically told to "look again" so picked it up, noticed sticker on front saying, comes with 3 extra", couple inside the box and another 2 were on the shelf, now that is a lot better, 4 battery packs for £6. Thats quite a good saving, but I pointed out to daughter, what is the probability of that happening within a couple of days of needing a new one? Could go for years and never see a single one on sale in charity shop.

Skeptics say all this is co-incidnece, I have used these and other examples as testimony how God works, but as usual, those of the World mock and laugh and simply say its co-incience and that if they went to shop enough times they would end up getting bargins as well. Certainly yes that can be true, but not for it to happen week in week out and always at right time when I need things.

Thank you Holy Spirit for taking me shopping !