Should we communicate with atheists?



Should we communicate with atheists?

This forum is edited so that comments which MAY upset some members do not appear.

If we go to an atheist forum we can discuss matters with them without our comments being edited out. Some of them simply enjoy baiting Christians but others are undoubtedly learned men with a great deal of historical knowlege and sometimes an astounding knowlege of scripture.

My question really is.... Why should we not be prepared to debate our case here? Here on this forum we have the assistance of other members to come to the assistance of anyone who is getting into trouble in their debate.

If someone is abusive there may well be a case for not printing it but if someone asks a question about Christianity we should be prepared to discuss it without simply quoting the bible. Many of us really do not accept everything in the bible. Simple example - how many women do you know who obey their husbands?

I tried recently to start a discussion here about the bad things in the bible and how we should view them but it was not posted. The Moderator presumably though it was an unsuitable subject but those bad things in the bible are exactly why many people have left or are leaving the church. It is time to explain those bad things or edit the bible instead.