Four active volcanos; Iceland, Papua New Guinea, Philipines, and Japan. Earthquake in Napa California. Rain, rain and more rain in US all summer (my cellar is continually flooded) and rain inches breaking records. Rare hurricane off California causing 25 ft. waves and a twin hurricane off the east coast. ISIS and Islam beheadings - I saw one on a military web site of a priest and another christian being beheaded to a celebratory crowd. Ukraine. I wish I saw things getting better. Oh wait - ebola.
These are all signs of the times. Don't forget the wars and rumors of wars. China, Russia, n Korea, Isreal, Gaza, Syria, US, and a few others. Jesus will come at the very last second to take us away. HE is waiting because HE does not want anybody to be burned in hell. Some will most definitely go there some will not.
Are you ready for Christ's coming? We have to be alert. We praise YOUR name Jesus.