'Silent' Famine Sweeps Globe

'Silent' Famine Sweeps Globe

From India to Africa to North Korea to Pakistan and even in New York City, higher grain prices, fertilizer shortages and rising energy costs are combining to spell hunger for millions in what is being characterized as a global "silent famine."

Global food prices, based on United Nations records, rose 35 percent in the last year, escalating a trend that began in 2002. Since then, prices have risen 65 percent.

Last year, according to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization's world food index, dairy prices rose nearly 80 percent and grain 42 percent.

"This is the new face of hunger," said Josetta Sheeran, director of the World Food Program, launching an appeal for an extra $500 million so it could continue supplying food aid to 73 million hungry people this year. "People are simply being priced out of food markets. ... We have never before had a situation where aggressive rises in food prices keep pricing our operations out of our reach."..................

'Silent' famine sweeps globe


I have been watching this with interest for some months. The US is the breadbasket of the world agriculturally speaking. and it is now using a fair percentage of it's resources for methanol as opposed to food crops. This is putting a huge strain of food stock levels. Rising fuel costs are also forcing up prices on transporting everything and are reflecting in higher costs.
The only good news in the world anymore is that He is coming again soon in great glory and we are going home! Going home........going home.......