Single Parent Struggling With Teen's Unsound and Unbiblical descission

Single Parent Struggling With Teen's Unsound and Unbiblical descission

I have a younger daughter, 17, will be 18 in June of this year. I'm going through a sensitive situation between my younger daughter and my oldest daughter.
My younger daughter is saying that she rather stay in her sister's home, however, she wouldn't mind coming to see my home. She says she likes it at her sister's place, but can't give me a reason or reasons why. My oldest daughter is insisted that I accept my daughter's descission because it is where she wants to be and just leave it be. The reason I can't accept my younger daughter's descission is because of what God has shown to me through the Holy Spirit and His Word. I know where I stand as a single mother/parent and God has not told me to walk away and to give up. I know for a fact that this is a spiritual battle. My younger daughter has accepted a spiritually unhealthy home and lifestyle in her sister's home. Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
Stand firm on the Word of God. Yes, this is a spiritual war and God has already equipped you. Take it to God in prayer as to what He wants you to do. Remember, God gave the privilege of being a parent to you and has equipped you to be a loving parent.

Let us pray:

Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank You that You are instructing us in the way we should go and that You are guiding us with Your eye. We thank You for Your guidance and leading concerning Your will. Your will, Your plan, and Your purpose for our lives. We do hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, for we know You and follow You. You lead us in the paths of righteousness for Your name's sake. Father, take hold of our childrens hearts and lead them to You. Take away the rebellion, take away all that is not of You this day we ask. We will not give up on our children, we will stand strong in the Lord and in the Power of Your might. We will trust in You with all our hearts and lean not unto our own understanding. We know that the battle has already been won and we thank You. Give us the strength to endure, give us more faith, help us when we are weak in spirit. We thank You for saving our children, and we are claiming all the promises that You made to us concerning salvation. We thank You for saving our children from the snare of the evil one. In Jesus name we pray...AMEN

God bless,

No one has your daughter's best interest at heart like you do, not even her sister. You are the parent and you have been led by the Spirit as to the path for her. Stand firm and I am in total agreement with our Sister's beautiful prayer, in Jesus' nam we pray. Amen.

It's called tough love for a reason, and while she may not understand your decision now, she will later.

God bless you and your daughters, Cheri
May God bless you and give you great wisdom. I pray your love for your daughter helps you focus on her need for Christ. I personally know that it is a hard place to not be worried that they understand that we are right. May God help you be loving and firm. I pray a hedge of thorns of protection on your daughter. May those with inappropriate intentions and anyone filling her with wrong philosophies fall away. I pray that God gives you opportunities to reach out in love and affirmation. Most of all, I pray that God gives you a strength that comes from Him and Him alone!
Thank you Mark. I really appreciate your post. Once again I give God the glory, honor and praise in all through the situation with my youngest daughter, Elizabeth.
Since August of 2010, my daughter's court case had been closed in Nebraska. They released her because she had turned 18 back in June of last year. So my Attorney sent me a letter shortly after closing the case and said I am free to deal with my daughters in a way I see fit to do so without having to go through HHS.
This was indeed an answer to my prayer.
I can now talk to Elizabeth from my home phone to her cell phone any time of the week as long as it is after 5:30 P. M. She is also a Senior this year so I'm looking forward to this moment in her life. Now that it won't belong she will graduate, I'm not pressing her to come live with me, but I'm praying there will be a time she will be allowed to at least spend a weekend at my home as God wills it to come to pass. Of course, this will indeed be a challenge to overcome with my Oldest Daughter, Sammantha and my Son in law.
Though I'm looking forward to this brand new year for some more good changes which God has in store for each one of my family members.
As I close for now it is great to be back here on CFS. I have to admit I didn't realize how much I was missed and how much I miss coming here until now. Thank you so much.
Blessed be the Lamb of God! :)