Six Ways That Jews Considered New Births

When Yeshua (Jesus) told Nicodemus he needed to be born again, in Nick's mind, he was questioning why would he, a Pharisee and ruler need another rebirth since he had already been born again four times. Exactly what Messiah is doing here is using a Jewish form of communication when a speaker begins by speaking of what is "known" and then moves into what is "unknown" thereby ending with a revelation of what was not known and explaining it. The fact of this is evident in the response made by Nick, he asks the question "how is it possible? Must I enter into my mothers womb when I am old? The key is the mention of age by Nick, it wouldn't matter if you were young or old, you can't renter the womb so why the reference to "old"?

Does anyone know what the six ways were that to the Jews were considered new births?
1. Bar mitzvah
2. Marriage
3. Becoming a Pharisee
4. Becoming a leader of the Pharisees

And 2 that Nick didn't qualify for,

5. A gentile proselyte into Judaism
6. A direct descendant of King David ascending to the throne of Israel.
I am not familiar with these concepts; but I heard a teaching on the significance of 'water' and cleansing sins. In one interpretation water itself often represented sin; going into the water represented being covered by sin and coming out of the water represented salvation by God and then there was the obvious 'drowned by sin' analogy- never coming back out of the water. Some use Noah's deluge as a metaphor although I am believer in the 'literal' story of Noah.

Also, the partings of the Red Sea and the Jordan River are sin as symbolic as God 'cleansed the way' for the Hebrews to lead them to the promised land. (Too bad they forgot that between Mt Sinai and Canaan.on the first go round.)