Skipdawg checking in.

Skipdawg checking in.

Hello everyone. So good to see yet another Christian forum. Praise God. Were flooding the internet. :-D

I've been in the ministry on some level now for over 25 years. Mostly online now due to health.

I'm a US Navy veteran. Service connected disabled multiple health issue's.

And I am I guess according to my kid brother addicted to the internet. lol Great window to the world on days I'm unable to get out. Plus for other reasons too.

I have allot going on so may mostly lurk but will try to be active as I can be from time to time the Lord willing.

May God bless you all. ;)
Hello Skipdawg, thanks for coming, i hope you have a good time here. Lets keep flooding the internet. :-D

Welcome! Glad you are here. Hope you become a regular. If you have children feel free to stop by the children and family section and post.

God bless,