Skipdawg's sites

Skipdawg's sites

Right now I have 3 sites on the web.

Skipdawg Central which is my core central site for all general stuff.
Bible Talk A2Z is a biblical information and links site still in the planning stages.
Christian Vets is for information and links related to Christian Veterans, their families and friends and military related stuff too. Just launched in April 06 so in development too.

Two of sites also have a forum with it too. I use SMF instead of phpBB as that is what this forum here is.

But if you would like to check them out. Thanks and God bless. ;)


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Dec 7, 2005
Thats a good decision. Maybe you could bring up the christian veteran forum in one of the other 2 forums and restore the posts and users to the new one. I dont know how it works for SMF. vBulletin has an import system that does this. :evo: You might need the old database though. Just a thought. :angel: