Sleeping in church

Sleeping in church

By William Webber

I was pastor of a small church in a rural community. Wilbur and his wife, Leah, attended every Sunday morning. Wilbur was a farmer, and whenever he came into the house from the field and sat down, he would fall asleep. It was such a habit that when he came into church and sat in the pew, he would also fall asleep. I discovered that some of the members of the church were taking bets to see how long I could keep Wilbur awake on Sunday mornings.

Wilbur's wife was embarrassed by his behavior, especially when he began to snore. She tried everything to keep her sleepy spouse awake. She complained to him that she was getting calluses on her elbow from poking him in the ribs in a futile attempt to keep him alert.

One day, while shopping in the grocery store, she saw a small bottle of Limburger cheese. Leah bought it and dropped it in her purse. The next Sunday morning, I had just started the sermon when Wilbur began to nod.When I finished the first point in my three-point sermon, I could see I was losing him. As I started the third point, Wilbur began to snore. Quietly, Leah opened her purse, took out the bottle of Limburger cheese and held it under her husband's nose.

It worked. Wilbur sat up straight and, in a voice that could be heard all over the church, said, "Leah, will you please keep your feet on your own side of the bed!"
bahahahahahahah - that's awesome.
i actually did fall asleep one time at church.
it was at a very bad point in my life...and part of it, was due to lack of sleep. i couldn't help it. i used to be with a roommate who emotionally abused me. and she used to keep me up hours at a night. even when i was dozing off.
anyways, one sunday came, and i just dozed off. pretty embarrassing lol.
I think i caught myself doing that recently . oh so busted .

oh pew what a beautiful pillow
on any other day you would be too hard to sleep on
but today because of God's presence ..

i am so relaxed ..

and oh so sleepy ..
He he .... That's a good one for sure . Poor Leah , she must have been more embarrassed .

That reminds me when my son was small and we went to a Christmas Eve service . It was very quiet at the time and my little son said out loud " Mom , are they going to play Jingle Bells ." I could hear all the snickers.