Slidin' in through finals

Slidin' in through finals

Well, finals week starts Monday for our university, and I have loads of exams before the summer session ends.

I'm working on my engineering degree, so school will occupy my typing time every now and then.

A forum is a good place to relax my mind, so I kick back, and just read what others are talkin' about.

Howdy, ya'll.



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to CFS. We are glad you decided to join us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Oh, I understand challenge and controversy very well. We've been without income since June of 2005, living off the money we had saved up so many years to build a house. There's simply no work around here in my field. Nobody is hiring for most anything. I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave this area and go where there's some work for an Electronic/Electrical Engineer once I'm finished with my classes. I used to repair multi-million dollar CNC machines and do engineering work on many systems, I just didn't jump through the hoops to get the degree (which I now almost have in my hands), and now I'm without any way of supplying the needs of my family outside of what's left of our savings.

So, being in a lowly state of existence, I'm well acquainted with life-challenges. It's painfully humbling, and yet I can still give glory to the Lord in spite of it all.

I know, I know........go and be warm, and well fed.

Well, it's plenty warm around here on the high plains of Kansas in July, without the ability to afford having our airconditioning turned on.

As for fed, well, having to go without food, sometimes for days at a time, so that my family can eat, that has driven me to some deeper spirituality, although it tends to destroy my health since I'm diabetic and was told by a wealthy doctor doing community service that I MUST not go without food, even one whole day. Easier said than done. I can feel the slow on-set of death in this condition, but like Job, I say, "Though the Lord slay me, yet will I serve Him to the utter end to the best of my ability."

You see, this is my PRESENT testimony. I'm not whining and looking for hand-outs. I'm providing some context so that my giving thanks to the Lord has more force in the minds and hearts of those who otherwise might figure I'm just another regular, Christian Joe who's happily giving thanks in the midst of plenty.

Not so.

I want others to be sure and give thanks to the Lord THIS DAY for all that He has done for you and all that He has given you, because there are many of us out here who have almost nothing, and who still lift our hands and hearts to the Lord of Glory, in thanksgiving and praise.



Thankyou for that humbling testimony and I can sense the Holy Spirit leading you and guiding you day by day and as you are faithful to Jesus , He will honour that faithfulness , just like He did for Job .

When we are going through the dark valleys of our life is the time when we are closer to God and feel His comforting presence . He will not leave you nor forsake you .

He has told us that He feeds even the little birds so are we not more valuable to Him?

As you hang in there and trust Him , He will open doors for you that no man can shut .

I will be praying for you and all that you have learned so that our God will bring to your memory all that you need to pass your exams . He will see you through . You are His child and He will honour you will goodness in yours and your families life .

God Bless and Welcome to the forum
Hey welcome to the forums, great to have you here and hope you enjoy your stay here..

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