Slow Down, Life's Not a Race

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Below is my latest blog entry on slowing down and being more intentional. Would love to know your thoughts, and how you take time to slow down.

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Slow Down, Life's Not a Race

In the past few years I have been living a life that is more intentional, peaceful and controlled.

And as I slow down, I notice more than ever just how fast our lives can often be.

Some of my friends are always on the go! They eat out several times a week. They’re involved in many organizations. They work late. They have an abundance of friends and social events to attend.

I often wonder if the thought of spending a Saturday night at home is perhaps inconceivable to them.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but to be constantly moving is definitely inconceivable to me.

And nowadays it doesn’t even take leaving your home to be social. People can be “social” all day long by chatting online, posting pictures and liking this, or retweeting that. And while I understand the desire for social connection, I’ve come to realize and fully recognize the addictiveness of it all.

Not just an addiction to social media, but an addiction to moving quickly. To never sitting still.

For years, my friends and family accused me of the inability to sit down for more than 10 minutes.

But lately, all of this fast movement has me wanting to slow down and be more reflective and intentional.

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Yes God has commanded that we rest and observe the sabbath he has created for us.
If we go on for too long without taking our rest, our sabbath, then He has a way of waking us up and showing us we are burned out or we get sick or we have heart attack.

If you work for six years, you entitled to a years rest. If you work six days, you get the seventh off.
I have worked near full time for about 10 years and God reminded me that I needed to take my sabbath so Im currently enjoying nearly 2 years rest.

Problem s now in most work places they dont care for employees to take sabbaths and even demand that some rostered on for weekends permeanently, so they hardly ever get to enjoy it with their family, or go to church gatherings which are usually held on sunday or weekends. So if you working you got to stand up for that and dont let them drive you like a slave, or better yet, work for the Lord who does reward those who serve Him.


I work Monday to Saturday for my regular job as an engineer and Sunday I work as I preach as I'm also a minister.
I have to have a 'retreat', going away and spending Holy time with the Lord.
I used to beone who could not sit still. I had to always be out doing something evan on a holiday or relaxing get together. Then God got a hold of me and sat me in front of a Brother preaching and don't you know.....The only thing I can remember from it is this.
Be Slow and Deliberate in your walk in Christ. Don't just run and gun it's not a fishing tournament and don't feel you have to answer right away, it is not wheel of fortune or jepordy. Be the same constantly and consistently with in your walk in Christ.

This hit me like a following wave !!!
So I have and I am still learning to do this but it has changed my life and continues to do so every single day. Oh and when you operate in this manner. Your Faith can grow and your mind settles down and you can be moved by God so much easier and it's like a Spiritual Q-Tip I mean everything just seems to flow along smoothly....

James 1:19 Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;

I am always quick to hear the Gospel, but slow to speak. There are times on this forum when I read some of the posts I am ready to respond back with in a few minutes, and then sometimes the Lord has me wait, sometime a day or two then write something. Timing is every thing!