So a guy waves and ISIS flag at Berkeley...

Berkeley Student react to ISIS flag (Ami on the Street)

And then he waves the Israeli flag...

(CONTENT WARNING: offensive language-although edited)

Granted it is Berkeley after all; Comments?
I'm surprised no one responded to the ISIS flag. I remember a few months back on the news a guy hung the isis flag outside of his home and he got a lot of backlash from it.
One thing I've noticed a great deal of; mainly on-line, is so many people doing stuff trying to get a reaction from others. I'm not sure if this is the reason, but it seems to me that it is making people complacent or lackadaisical towards all these many issues that plaque the world now, so people won't react when something truly serious happens; and most of it seems to incite anger or negative feelings. Thus taking people further and further away from what they need to be focused on, God, and living by His teaching.
One thing I've noticed a great deal of; mainly on-line, is so many people doing stuff trying to get a reaction from others.

Hmm, that could raise an interesting question...

I am English but grew up liking a lot of Irish songs, a number of them rebel songs. I suppose they were just songs to me but you do get to learn about the famine, or even look at Wales where I once or twice lived and learn for example that a punishment even in the 20th C for schoolchildren speaking Welsh in a school in Wales was to have to wear a placard... One can feel one has been part of an injustice, and I don't think looking at the British Empire makes it any better... I dislike what I might call the "Rule Britannia" outlook.

So from there, I might ask the question did I ever sing a rebel song in a folk club with the intention of putting the "v gesture up" at attitudes I disliked rather than say presenting a song as (in my mind) a historical song (eg. Kevin Barry could be thought of that way) or perhaps reminding people of hardships (maybe Fields of Athenry). The answer is probably Yes.

I suppose times change, one matures, one realises one doesn't really understand the situations elsewhere, in the case of Ireland, there was also a new peace process, etc. etc. etc. so I almost never (even more never as I switched and grew more and more to like the tunes with no words and instrumental sessions rather than singing floor spots) do any these days.

But could I, in different circumstances have become a rebel (or someone eleses freedom fighter)? I don't know. I'm pretty sure I'd never have killed for "a cause" (and think I'd rather be slain than kill someone else), and never contributed in any knowing way to any terrorist organisation. Maybe God saved me from that???