So happy

So happy


God is answering my prayers. Well, he always has, but I know that today he let me know he really did hear me! I am so happy!

I prayed for several things actually, but one I wanted to mention specifically because I spoke of that there is someone I care about who I was really concerned for.

Well, I am so glad because - thank God - nothing happened to him. :D It's such a relief, 'cause I went to sleep worried sick about him when I got a message saying he 'passed out'. I hate when people who I care for are sick...and I hate it when people spread false messages like that. It's like, gosh, people, get your facts straight before you just open up your mouth like Niagara Falls and let stuff come out.

I am just, so, so happy right now. Thank you, God! I got down on my knees a couple of minutes ago and thanked God outside, watching the moon rise and the sun set along the horizon.