So, what makes us so different?!?

Why this comment? Why cater to nonsense. Dusty you were just posting how awesome your church is. Now you become a Judge and call it not perfect? Are you in a position to Judge this? and just who's Church are you judging? Comments like this are very dangerous.
Because I thought others thought that I was being prejudice towards my church and boastful and was told on another thread . And also a comment from Jenny earlier saying she had attended what she siad charismatic church and thought it was not real .

But you speak of your church as tho they need very little of anything...that they have it all together and doing wonderfully. This is sad...because it is the last that will be is those that continually hunger and thirst (and don't brag about being full) are the ones that will be filled. AND if your religion is anything, then you will be visiting orphans and widows and, yes, feeding His sheep! You will be as Christ to the world...which is showing Love, because that is exactly what God IS.
I am not judging my church " Word " . I don't believe that is judging. Ok I get what you are trying to say to me and really I don't have any negative attitudes and I stand corrected ... Thanks . I am once again humbled .... That happens a lot , but you already siad that was part of my character .... LOL .... Cheers and God Bless:smiley280:There I gave you a rose .... He he .

And yup there is no more to be said .... Carry on every one.