So .. When Jesus died on the Cross .. what changed?

Michael Collum

So .. When Jesus died on the Cross .. what changed?

I was thinking about Jeremiah early this morning . wasn't sleeping .. so .. anyway . figured i could save what i wrote then for a personal reference .. but below seemed to be an interesting question:

It is written in the scriptures that the kindness of God leads us to repentance .

That perfect love casts out all fear . that fear only has to do with being afraid of the old covenant concept of punishment .

It is also written God is love ..

Love is many things .. but it all points to what Jesus did for all of us . He changed the premise by which all the prophecies were written . the prophecies were spoken based on what was declared earlier in the law of Moses . But He became the temple . the sacrifice . He became the law written on our new not stone but flesh hearts . He became it all .

So what i'm asking in all this is .. if you could re-write the book of Jeremiah in light of this change of premise Jesus brought about . not about the do and don't do or else .. but springing from this new life . faith expressing itself with love ..

How would you re-write the Prophecy of the Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah, to read as a New Covenant Reality?