So you may prove what the will of God is

Jul 14, 2014
So that you may prove what the will of God is Romans 12:2

That word translated "Prove" from the greek is actually the word for the metallurgical testing used to validate a metal alloy.... It means to prove by test or scrutiny.... To recognize as genuine after proper examination.... Appropriate test methods are used to validate what it actually is. This "Proving" is NOT blank acceptance - it is acceptance only upon passing rigorous testing.

God expects us to TEST the spirits to know. To TEST the messages which are brought to us. To discern. Luke 12:56, Romans 2:18, 1 Th 2:4, 1 Th 5:21 and others...

And we are to Test both ourselves and those claiming to be sent - to know the truth.. This test involves actual scrutiny....

When you take precious metals over to a dealer who buys such things - they do tests on it to determine what the actual alloy is and what the proper value is... and they pay you based off of the actual alloy and the value...

Romans 12:2 starts off with some actions we take - and these serve to explain the "what" we are doing. The end result of this work is that we are ABLE TO test, verify, and scrutinize ideas, thoughts, and other people's statements as to whether or not they ARE the Bona-Fide real genuine article Will of God....

So... One primary reason we seek the transformation of our minds, to continually renew the mind and be overflowing with "Living Water" is so that we might actually be able to have the ABILITY to sift the wheat from the chaff and contaminants on our own.... To sift out the vast bulk of "Self will", stray thoughts, bad ideas, foolishness, secular world blather, religious sounding talk, vanity, chaos, distraction, AND Testimony of Demons/Devils. To sift out all the things which may well SOUND "good", "true," inviting, beautiful, captivating, pressing, and important - but are NOT the will of God - from the true, pure, Good Will of God....

Why do we care about that? Because we want to ACT on the Will of God - and we want to reject all the rest so that we do NOT act upon it.....
Jul 14, 2014
One of the things I have found when you are testing messages, thoughts, ideas, plans, and other people's assertions....

Test them against Scripture and be cognizant of the way that God normally deals with you....

So - don't test such things against professions, confessions, faith statements, official proclamations, and doctrines. Do not test them against the statements or writings of men.... Go straight back to The Scriptures.

Also... Speaking from my own experience here... If you receive a "Message" that comes in a way that's inconsistent with the way God typically deals with you - be VERY careful. I will not say reject it out of hand, but be extremely careful to test, scrutinize, and evaluate the message with a higher level of scrutiny than you "normally" would.... I would not hesitate to take the message that is inconsistent with the "Normal" way God reveals things to you to a trusted Pastor or very strongly grounded brother/sister in faith. So... If God helps you understand things through dreams or The Scripture and never through TV evangelists or through voices - then be VERY careful if it seems like a TV evangelist or a "Voice" is "Speaking to you" out of the blue and vice versa....

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Jan 17, 2015
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Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
1 John 4:1