SolutionSource Vision

SolutionSource Vision

As the first step to a larger vision, I am excited to announce the development of a web support base for people in search of personal advice.

The project codename is SolutionSource.

This support base will be entirely free because I believe that any life assistance should be without cost!

And this is where we need you!

Assisting and encouraging people is a delicate subject... it is important that the counselor have a good understanding of life, moreover a Christ-driven life.

It is useless to help someone if the information doesn’t result as an advancement for the kingdom of God.

If you believe this is something you would like to contribute to, and feel called to, don't stop reading! Whatever your qualities, whatever your age, you can help! There is a large need for people like you.

The service has a basic message: “Provide help for people in need of love, faith and wisdomâ€, each defined as a color branding.
If you think you can enlighten people’s problems with their relations (friendships, romance, family), faith (God, themselves, the future) and wisdom (everyday decisions, choices, reactions), contact us at the address below for more information!

Now if you do not think you have those qualities, there is still an enormous amount of need for marketing volunteers, web designers, directors, translators and of course financial support.

Below is a table with the amount of volunteers needed:

As to the amount of time you want to dedicate to this service, it’s entirely up to you!

To stay tuned with the progress of this project, please contact me at:
THESOLUTIONS[email protected]
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