Some common sense reality

This article in the last few paragraphs gives voice to a pastor who against conventional wisdom and pc shaming speaks the truth of the situation in Amerca for Christians. Best quotes:
"For me it's important that we protect our borders and our people. I'm a father of six children. I don't want to be fearful at McDonalds, and a car bomb goes off, or a San Bernardino attack takes place, whether in name of Jesus or Allah, it's all wrong."

For Burns, the real problem is the Democratic establishment - how "Christianity is under attack" thanks to the Democrats, and how they have created a "generation of handouts to African-Americans." He cited cornerstones of Democratic politics, including a pro-choice stance in America's ongoing abortion debate, as indicative of Democrats' disregard for African-Americans:

"The whole abortion deal is targeted to African-American women ... and gives them the option to destroy the next generation of future scientists, doctors, presidents, CEOs. It's the systematic destruction of, I believe, the next generation of African-Americans, led by the Democratic Party."

"Really what won me over, is that he said Christianity is under attack. The biggest thing for us, as evangelicals, is we want someone in office who is not part of the current political establishment, who has the ability to do what they are saying."