Some stuff that bothers me

Some stuff that bothers me

Something that bothers me is how parents do not pay attention to the ratings used on certain games. I know that the game Grand Theft Auto is something that even I do not play. After I played the San Andreas installment I quickly took it back and never plan on buying another game in that series. The level of profanity used in that game is ridiculous. Also the violence and sexual references within the game were offensive. Yet I hear kids that are in 5th or 6th grade talk about this game and how cool it is and these kids come from wonderful Christian families.

I believe this to be complete ignorance. Video Games used to be harmless and the only thing a parent had to worry about was their child playing them too much. Now games are extremely violent and perverse. Obviously not every game, but many are. Just something I think parents need to look out for.
I agree I work at Walmart and have to open the locked game cases for everyone... I'm shocked at how many little kids come pick out the worst games. When I turn them away because they are underage to buy them parents just come buy them for them anyhow. :(
Personal Responsibility

Some parents these days have no time to devote to their children, let alone monitor their TV and gaming habits. The term "Personal Responsibility" seems to have very little meaning to some parents these days because they are too involved in their own lives getting material wealth, rather than paying attention to their kids and paying attention to the responsibilities that God has entrusted them with... their kids and their proper upbringing.

Please review 1 Timothy 5:7 (NLT):

8 "But those who won't care for their own relatives, especially those living in the same household, have denied what we believe. Such people are worse than unbelievers."
man i love gta, i have to have my mom with me when i buy it though, even though im old enough, im not 18. but i dont let it affectthe way i act
in real life, i feel im old enough (17) to keep reality and fantasy apart.
It's funny how the violence in these games don't even seem to phase the kids in society these days. I wonder how it will affect them as adults? :confused:


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While it may not appear to "phase" them, in fact it affects them very, very much. There is a growing amount of research that shows children and young adults respond in different and sometimes shocking ways to trauma. At Columbine a neighboring school cheered when they found out about the shooting. Older children have a lack of sympathy and have high percents of attachment (being closely affiliated with other people) problems. Even research on eye movement seems to indicate that children's eyes move at a more rapid rate than previous adults.

In WWII it took much training to get the young soldiers to overcome the natural inclination to not kill another. Now, we have "games" where children shoot each other with paint balls. They can shoot and kill others in video games. This has led to a desensitization where students shoot each other on a monthly basis inside schools (most of these school shootings you don't hear about.) Cities like Philadelphia have daily killings among their youth. Unwittingly our children have subjected themselves to
a powerful desensitization that affects more than most of us are willing to admit.

Many of the students I talk to believe that because they do not have "anger" problems or "obvious" sins, that subjecting themselves to these games, movies, etc. has no affect on them. They do not realize how attitudes, outlooks and perspectives do change. However, as playing and viewing such material becomes the norm, both parent and child will begin to loose sight of the importance of protecting our youth. Just as the battle for health and proper eating has been "lost" in Western Europe and in the US, (12 year olds are more than 7 pounds heavier than their parents and growing) so the battle for a healthy perspective on live and living may be soon "lost" for the majority of our precious children.
As a child I can remember some of the kids in school cheering when they found out President Kennedy was killed- I guess things don't change as much as you would think.