You came to heal the blind and the lame,
When we drift we have ourselves to blame,
You are our Saviour and Lord,
When we read your word we can not get bored.

You said that you would prepare for us a home,
Please don't let us go thru it alone,
Lead us to pastures green,
Where we have not been.

Some times Lord you seem so far away,
When we try to find you during the day,
Your promise is you will never leave,
We come to you on bended knee.

You know when we are hurting,
You are there we are certain,
We look up into the sky,
We are the apple of your eye,
Like an eagle over mountains we fly,
For ever gliding so high.

How can we ever feel so low,
When all the time you know,
You will prune us at the right season,
Jesus you are the reason.

Your word is for ever true,
You carry us all the way thru,
Everything to us you gave,
You left all our sins in the grave,
When we hear your voice,
We are full of rejoyce.

written by ramon 7/4/2006