Someone New

Someone New

Hello eveyone I was invited to give this site a look and I did. I decided I liked it and jioned. :-D I live in PA. and am a mother and grandma . I enjoy reading , mainly Bible study , but also enjoy talking and shareing with new people I meet on forums. So anyway a big hi to all of you. :-D
Hi greyfeather, O:) Welcome to CFS. I hope you enjoy the forum. We're curently small and growing. Post and dicuss on topics you feel like.

pm me when in need.

GOD IS GREAT!!! [-o<
Greyfeather - it's great to have you here! Welcome to the forums! Like Jeff said, we're small, but growing. Invite others; it'd be great to have them too! I hope you like it here!

In Christ,

Hello cly :-D good to be here thanks for the address , I will be sure to let others know . I have been reading posts and I think this forum will do well indeed. :-D

Welcome Greyfeather,

Welcome to the Christian Forum Site. As a grandmother I invite you to join us in the Family and Parenting site! I am sure you have some insites and advice you can share with us!
Hi everyone just wanted to let you know that I will be leaving in the mourning to go to Florida to see my oldest son , wife and grandchildren. I will be absent from the site , for a week , but I will be sure to say hi and tell you all about my trip when I get back.

I will be on more yet today , but I thought I'd better say good-bye now or I'd will forget. I have a habit of that , Old Age and all you know. LOL. :-D