Something Missing

Feb 11, 2019
Glen Rock, PA
Poem#4 Something Missing

Next time traveling country roads take the time to pull over

Reflect with the Creator on the Beautiful that is being seen

How something out of nothing was spoken into life

Everything that is made from the spoken word is deemed good

Except something was missing and God formed Man out of dust

And were deemed very good being created in the image of God

Next time traveling mountain roads take the time to pull over

Get away from what the world has become, get back to Him

That Created the Beauty out of nothing until He Spoke

Unfortunately God’s most Loved turned their backs on His World

Making up their own selfish me, myself and I small lonely world

The big city that covers up God’s Beautiful Creation

Next time traveling ocean side roads take the time to pull over

Reflect with the Creator how the Beauty of the Water’s surface

Compares to the Beauty underneath spoken life not seen

When will we finally realize Something’s Missing in our Little World?

Don’t wait for Next time to come along, never know when like a Tree

Will fall down never knowing if anyone heard to be loved one last time

Next time traveling through the Spoken Word take the time to pull over

Reflect on how the Something Missing is our understanding of our Creator

That We’re not Loved for what we’ve done, we’re Loved on what He’s done

For God and God Alone We’re Created to be Loved and Return Love

Everything is vanity compared to the Beauty of Creation worshipping

Thanks to the spoken word that breathed Light out of darkness
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