Something that saddens me


SuzieQ, that is very good of you.
Another thing is, you can always find something good to say about someone or just don't take part in the conversation.
People might thing you're odd but they'll grow to respect and trust you!
Thank you~:)
My Grandma always said "be just as nice as you can be" usually followed up with "if you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say anything." I TRY to follow that advice. :)

I'm probably the polar opposite of you Violet - I bake but only when I have to, my dryer is my best friend (although there is something so incredibly sweet smelling about sheets dried on the line), I have two kids and that's IT!, and so on and so on and so on. But I have the same problem you do, I don't have many women friends. I have one best friend, and my two sisters. I have quite a few acquaintances but only the three gals I mentioned before that I am REALLY close to.

I think it's hard to make girlfriends. Really hard.


Yes, it is for some strange reason!
Are we all too strong willed or hard headed?
As women, I mean....
I think so a little. I know with me it takes me quite a while to really trust someone and open up to them.

My husband says I am EXTREMELY hard headed! lol
Sister while I do not know you personally I can only answer from what I see you post. My guess is that your light is too bright for them. You are in good company however the Lord had the same problem with the religious. Just keep on keeping on! ;)

Women do not like me very much.

This is embarrassing for me to admit but even my husband knows it to be true.
I can't understand why and he can't figure it out either.
He says I am one of the nicest people there are, I am kind, considerate and very caring.
I am honest, upstanding, I love God......

My husband has witnessed this~I smile at women, even when we go to church and some of them give me dirty looks.
I try to strike up conversations, I am very interested in what people say, I am real, not a snob and I think I am very humble in my character.
I just can't figure it out and it does hurt me on some level though I try not to make let it bother me but I feel left out.
Any advice?
I can take possitive criticism!

Thank you~

Women are just haters! Notorious for Envy and Drama! I am a female obviously and I can tell you I dont like most females! I can click better with a guy than a female..females are just too sneaky and fake! But then there are a few who I just love.

I tell people all the time. Its not my fault! I was born AWESOME!:D

I guess some women can't take my awesomeness! Apparently they can't take yours either. :p

God created women...but he also created a Few Awesome Women..welcome to the club! LOL!:dance:


Sky, I have 2 brothers that I never see.
I left the place I grew up, 21 years ago.
I have seen them on occasion but I have no relatives nearby~
Well, Violet, i don't know you yet, but my impression of you is that you are a very nice person, and you mustn't let it bother you if people are mean. Just be yourself and i'm sure lots of people here love you and most important Jesus loves you! I think most people feel not accepted sometimes, i know i do, but its nice to have support from people and family. Sorry if i'm rambling on, but I just want to say we feel with you. :groupray:


Sky, you're not rambling at all.
You are very caring and I thank you for that.
It is true, if Jesus is our only friend, He is all we really need.
But I love you all here; my online family! :)
Hey Violet! Boy, do I relate! I have NEVER gotten along very well with women! For me it was the fact that I've always been very open and honest about myself, my life and everything else. You know, the what you see is what you get type! I've always had problems finding true friends, people that didn't judge me and dissected every word I said. I found it always easier to get along with guys. It's very rare that you find a manipulating two-faced man. Man have a lot of quirks but manipulation is not usually one of them, so I always found it easier to talk to guys then gals. I am like you in the sense of really wanting to find a really good, true and close friend, but the truth is I scare women! My husband has told me many times that it is because I am so honest and I am not afraid to talk about my life, especially the things that I do wrong. Many women are afraid of being honest about their short-comings; it's almost like they think they have to hide them in order to appear "strong in the Lord"! Well, my take on it is this: I think by showing people I have and I know I have faults, that makes me pretty strong in the Lord! So I will say to you, just be who God made you! If people choose to be suspicious and unhappy even though you're not doing anything to cause them to be that way, it really is their problem not yours. Oh and by the way, I really like you so what are talking about not being liked by women anyway:D!?!?