Specail needs family

Specail needs family

Hi ,
My name is Arnie and I received permission from Jeff ( the webmaster here I believe) to post a website I created for a special needs family that I personally know. They could really use your help this Christmas season. Please check out the website at

This website will tell you a bit about the children and this wonderful family . If you have any questions please feel free to email me at [email protected].
thank you so much and have a wonderful Christmas season.
Arnie :angel:

I knew a family just like this back in Illinois. They adopted several special needs children.

One note - you really don't give many details. I could understand your concern over protecting the family, but then you need to give details about yourself so that someone could verify the facts. Most will not donate to something they have no way of verifying.

God bless,
Mark's right. You should put some contact info so members could verify the details. The internet is not really safe and there so much scam around.