Special Report

Jun 22, 2007
Salem, MA
Special Report

Syria, Golan & the Summer War with Israel

Hello PZ Members and Visitors,
This just in…
“ If Israel doesn't vacate the strategic Golan Heights before September, Syrian guerillas will immediately launch "resistance operations" against the Golan's Jewish communities.†This stated from top official from Syrian President Bashar Assad's Baath party.
Damascus is preparing for anticipated Israeli retaliation following Syrian guerilla attacks and for a larger war with the Jewish state in August or September. He said in the opening salvo of any conflict, Syria has the capabilities of firing "hundreds" of missiles at Tel Aviv.
"Syria passed repeated messages to the U.S. that we demand the return of the Golan either through negotiations or through war. If the Golan is not in our hands by August or September, we will be poised to launch resistance, including raids and attacks against Jewish positions (in the Golan Heights)," the Baath official said.
That right folks, Syria is preparing for war. On the flip side of that, the IDF, Israel Defense Forces have been training for war against Syria as well. Syria is making a very hard push for the Golan Heights. They want “their†land back.
First of all, it is not their land. It is Israel’s land.
Second of all, Syria is not is not going to use the Golan in a positive productive manner, they are going to use the Golan to try to bomb Israel into oblivion.
We all know by reading God’s word that Syria will not be bombing Israel into oblivion. In fact the opposite is true. Soon, Damascus will be nothing but a parking lot and a great place to set up a glass factory. That is, once Israel nukes Damascus into oblivion.
In this issue of the PZ Insider Report, we focus on a very hot topic, Isaiah 17, the Destruction of Damascus. We have special articles from Jack Kelley, Jack Kinsella and an EXCELLENT ARTICLE by Al Gist. In fact you need to print out Al’s article which is 10 solid pages of information regarding the destruction of Damascus. Incredible read!!
Folks, these last few weeks things have been happening and a lighting pace. The Middle East is a balloon ready to pop


It would be a miltary disaster to take on Israel but as most of these people don't seem to care about life they may well try it anyway- expierience teaches them that they can manipulate most of the worlds opinions against Israel and they are probibly fishing for more $ to buy their non-existant " cooperation" with forming a lasting peace.