spiritual battles



I wanna say no?

The heavens are up high. We're here where good lives among evil. Good has all power over evil. Physical free will is the throughway for spiritual evil. The evil is ultimately a sad attempt against the infinite good, but takes many souls because of the foolish decisions made in the physical world.

We know the truth now and have an amazing gift of our life here on earth, and then eternal life. Unspeakably great, how can we go and sin now with what we know lies ahead of us? With God living here now and having chosen us for a mind-blowing purpose. Touch yourself on the arm. Think of all that is involved for you to have that feeling. Think about who is responsible for that and what purposes physical feeling has. The ultimate good is the best way here, and is the way in the Kingdom of God. To put it bluntly - your opinion can burn and die if it doesn't agree. It can be stabbed mercilessly with the sword of the spirit, and you never have to look back to it, or miss it.

The spiritual war is the Lords. You belong to the Lord, do not forget to rejoice and be thankful. I know at times I've seen the spiritual so clearly and was overwhelmed by all the evil. Focusing on it is too much for you, you'll become sad and bitter, and nobody will see Christ in you then.

This part of His creation is so great, but is not comparable to what lies ahead. The things unseen are eternal. We see the physical aspect of these things, but they are whole and pure in the spiritual realm where they all come together so much more clearly and are not mixed with the flaws we have here, being unappreciated by our corrupt minds.

The sad fact is most will not be coming, but tell who you can, and be exceedingly glad you have been chosen. You have been saved by His grace.

This HUGE picture needs to be remembered next time you are tempted to sin.

The aroma of the BBQ is sensable, but just wait until we get there to eat!

Sorry for "blabbing" errrrrr whatever you call it.