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spiritual walk

the language is a key to how satan is infiltrating us,our words are making him king to generations,his deception is rife.he wants us to think he is God.sad really how much people don,t know.:eek:
The devil/lived but now he wants to take us to live/evil he is an opposing mirror.
As God is meaning the devil is deception of the meaning, As Lord Jesus is the reconciliation of the meaning the truth, As the devils son is the lie of the deception,
For we are the creation of the meaning of God through the reconciliation of Jesus Christ.
As the devil deception is to steal Gods creation through his son lies.
As the Father the Son and Holy Spirit in opposition is the devil, son, false prophet,
No wonder the end of days witnesses are confused with the devil son and false prophet. Who do you think most people will follow?

God bless