Staff Changes


Staff member
I don't know how to thank Godbe4me. She does a very wonderful job here behind the scenes and she is one of the three staff members who's entrusted with the highest level of access on the forums. Please encourage her too. :)
Thank you all so very much. And, although I do appreciate your appreciation, this site is so very wonderful because of the entire staff. We all work very well together, we support each other and pray for one another. And, because of this, we still have the best Christian Site on the Net!!!! We are able to do the things that we do only by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and as a part of the Body of Christ. I love working as a team member and that is how we, the staff operate.

It also helps when we have wonderful members as yourselves. I want to personally thank all of those members who has been experiencing problems and being so patient as we resolve these issues. I thank God for all of these wonderful members, our brothers and sisters in Christ. You don't know how much you are all appreciated too.

We, the entire staff will continue to make CFS a safe place to fellowship.

God bless,