stars in the night

stars in the night

i,ve noticed we are seeing more bleeps from aircraft,s with satan,s stars in than God,s stars.very sad.


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They shine brighter because they are closer. But they can never outnumber the REAL stars, only hide them from our view.


Be glad if you don't have The Flight of Life going directly over your house every couple of days~
It gives me an opportunity to pray for the person in there though and I always do.....



You got that right Violet. Now I have to find that verse that says he is under our feet and I just saw it the other day.


Planes are not the devil nor is everyone who flies on them. I don't believe the lights are trying to compete with the stars but are there to avoid collisions.
you are very blind friend.why is sky network named so,and how so we see stars in the sky.if you really are christian then you would see and notice the evil one.shame on you .