Start building your dream


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Start building your dream

To all members and visitors, Christianforumsite is your place to build your dream on. If you want to start an online ministry, bible class, group, blog etc you can start building it here. We have all the tools, the team, a good server and above all God to support and establish your dream. All for free. So go ahead and make use of the resources you have here. Get in touch with one of the moderators and talk to them about your dream and we will help you out.
Well considering this is already an "Online Ministry"

Well let me correct myself. A couple of us are already in discussion on what we would like to do to add to this online Ministry. So, that was a keyword I was using to the others.

Sorry for any confusions.
Hey no problem, I can handle correction hehe....Thanks for wanting to help us. As far as I am concerned, the more the merrier to help reach the lost. When I send the next pm out, I will be sure to add you to the distribution list. All ideas are welcomed.

Thanks again brother and God bless you,