still don,t get genesis

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May 5, 2007
still don,t get genesis

God made men and women in his own image.then the lord God made women from a man from God.?why would the lord God need to make woman from a mans rib.?is the lord God a evil scientist from another planet,ie fallen angel.?in daniel it does say the first vision of night and day is true,does he mean the first account of geness.?also is this Lord God our Lord.?and if so,why tell them of the tree in the middle.?isn,t this a temptation.?

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Oct 29, 2006
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Michael; this was already covered in detail some time ago in a couple different threads. Rather than opening this up again, the staff would only ask that you use the "Search" feature built in to the gold navigation bar at the top of the screen and look over the previous discussions on the topic.

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