Still Theophilus, still here.

Still Theophilus, still here.

My presence in the forum ,though never great has been almost none for the last past 4 weeks.
The reason being as On Dec 11th I was taken to the hospital by abulance and on the morning of the 12th under went an emergency tripple bypass.

The whole experience has been ,to say the least, overwhelming.
I have attempted several times to express at least portions of it in writing. (posting it in this forum.), but as of yet have been unable to because of the deeply personal nature and magnatude of my experience.
It ,or I should say HE has changed my life. My faith in In Christ Jesus while certianly strong before seems to be as nothing compared to that which is in my heart concerning my Lord today.
I don't know if, when, if ever, or how much I will be able to share and my perspective has been moved to the point were I am (at least for now )unable to respond to much of the discussion in the forum.
Just wanted to let you all know that I am still a "Theophilus" and still here.

Blessings in His precious name,


Dear Cliff,

I was wondering why I hadn't seen you around . That is the problem with cyber space . People can just disappear and no body would know .

I am so sorry to hear of your heart problem but happy to know that the Lord is healing you and will of course pray for you .

Please rest , Cliff and maybe some day when you are feeling better you will be able to tell us your experience.

Please , even if it is just a few sentences come and let us know how you are doing my brother. Your words have always been so uplifting and valued .

Take care , Cliff and may God strengthen and bless you .

Love ,
Dusty :groupray::groupray::groupray:
Dear Dusty,

The Lord has bessed me with a fast physical recovery. It seems too fast at times ,as it seems hard to impossible to mentalily emotionaly and spiritualy keep up (if that makes sense):confused:
Sooo many things I thought I knew, so many things I literaly took for granted. It has changed my relationship not only with my LORD but with every body and every thing. And I don't want to miss the smallest bit of it.
I saw Him in the eyes ,felt Him in the touch, heard Him in the words of people most of which were total strangers to me. A faith firming experience that is so amazing that it literially removes any possible doubt in my mind and heart as to His power and love.
It was as though he never left my side, mearly passing from individual to individual as they come into and left my presence. Never once was I in doubt, never once the slightest fear.

Blessed be
His name


Cliff ,

That's awesome , brother . God is so good .What a testimony to His grace and mercy . What a loving Saviour . He looks after His own . He is definately our healer , today and forever as you have attributed to that. You can tuly say that He never left you nor forsook you . A friend that sticks closer than a brother. Praise His Holy Name.

The old song " Amazing Grace " has new meaning to you . Amazing grace how sweet the sound .

Cliff just keep on praising Him . He is worthy .
I am thankful that the LORD blessed you to be here with us all, and am thankful that HE has moved in your heart like never before! May he stay strong with you and give you strength, and may you be comforted by HIM, our CHRIST JESUS!!!!!!!

Pastor Gary

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Cliff - Thank you for the updates and thank Our Father for still allowing you to be here.

Your experience is another example of God's ways and His wonder. In 1995, I came within 20 to 30 seconds of death in an industrial accident caused by the carelessness of another person. That experience told me that God had a higher purpose for me here on earth to witness against Satan and is the reason that I received a Doctorate and became a non denominational Christian Pastor fairly late in life.

Those of us who have been on the brink of earthly death can testify as to the works of God's plan and how He forms and molds us into His witnesses after these types of incidents.

Cliff - very glad that you are back at CFS and we welcome your genuine words of wisdom, as you recover and have more time to share with us. God bless.:)