Stones Appearing

Stones Appearing

By Frank Lee Jennings

©2008 All Copyrights remain with the author

Walking I walk to the water again
where no bridge or crossing awaits me.
Stopping at the edge I wonder, question,
“How shall I pass over?" I bow my head.

Praying, beseeching, I cry out,
“Lord, make a way for me to pass over,
because there is no way”, I am urged to
step into nothingness, and a stone appears.

My foot falls onto a stone, a foundation
created for me by the forger of
creation, by the Maker of me. Weeping,
laughing, I give thanks, and walk on.

Many are the waters I have passed over,
many stones have come up under my feet
on this mysterious journey of life,
as I walk towards my long home.

Fearful rolling waters, foaming, troubled.
Making a way he places firmament
for me to tread, puts it there
with His word, His untiring hands.

Death is a rolling water,
fear a troubled water, adversaries,
impending doom, rejection, lack,
sickness and temptation, dark black waters all.

Often I’ve stood long and long, weary, unbelieving
that a way would, could be made
for my shredded heart, wounded spirit,
yet it was revealed in His time.

Walking across on stones he commanded into place,
Jesus, son of God, steps with me, gripping my hand.
I will never leave or forsake you he tells me.
A Carpenter is He, yes, and a stone setter too.