May 5, 2007

the darkness is coming,the darkness is very near.the slaves and masters are being divided,there is no chance of good cheer.the music,s getting louder the beating of there drums,there waiting for there master,the one that pays the scum.the good guys will evade them and beam them with the light.the sons of lights brothers,yep there on there way,to take us away before that day.that day is approaching,the sun will fail to shine,then all the people will think about there crime.there crime is selfishness,throughout the human race,they only needed to say sorry,but that is something they can,t say.they think that they know better,and there way is the best way.they never see the heartache of the problems that they cause,to many innocent caught in there web of lies.there only used as puppets,put they don,t know the score,each 1 has a problem but not the mighty cure.i hope God can forgive them for all that they one another that,s all that we should do.