Strength for the journey

Strength for the journey

Life is a journey. This journey takes us down some interestings paths. Along the journey, there will be stops that we'll make. Also along the journey, there will be obstacles that we will have to overcome. Christians are on a journey. We are just passing through, on our way to an even better place. We press on in faith, because we know that at the end of the journey, is life with Christ. The journey will not always be easy. In addition to the obstacles, we might become weak and weary. This makes it difficult to press on. That is why we need strength for the journey.


In ancient times, travelers always had to be on their guard. As they traveled on barren roads, they always had be watchful for robbers. The robbers would jump out of the shadows and attack. As we travel along in the journey, we too, must be wary. We must be watchful for enemies that would attack us, and steal our hope.

The devil jumps out of the shadows, ready to attack. He seeks to steal our hope and faith from us. He seeks to take away from us, the joy that we have in Christ. We are warned to be watchful for him, for he is a roaring loin, just waiting for someone to tear apart. The only way that we can be watchful for him and to resist him, is through the Word.(see 1 Peter 5:8,9) What the devil wants to do is to take the Christian's off of the cross. He wants to rob the Christian of the hope of glory.

The world is another enemy that jumps out and attacks. There are those in the world, who will always attack the faith. They will always try to destory the hope that Christians have in Christ. The world also tries to tempt people of faith, and cause them to fall away from Christ. Some have fallen into such temptations, and have fallen away from the faith. Christians cannot allow the attacks from the world to steal their hope and joy. No matter what, Christians are urged to stand upon Him, who has overcome the world.(John 16:33)

Another enemy that lays in wait, is the flesh. The struggles of the flesh will make the journey difficult. There are temptations and setbacks along the way. We still struggle daily with our own sins and short comings. At times, we might grow weak and weary along the way. These have a way of taking the joy out of the journey, and taking our eyes off of Christ. That is why we need strength for the journey.


God gives us the strength for the journey. He has given us His Word, and He has given us His Son, Jesus Christ. Through faith in Christ, we find the strength to go on, despite the obstacles. Christ has made our journey possible, through His own death and resurrection. Through faith in Him, we can press on in the journey. He has overcome the enemies who would try to throw obstacles in our way, as we make the journey.

He has given us His Holy Spirit, to guide us in the journey, so that we will not get lost, but always keep our focus on Christ. Christ gives us strength for the journey, by giving of Himself. In Holy Communion, Christ points to Himself and says, "Arise, and eat, because the journey is too great for you."(1 Kings 19:17) Christ gives of Himself, and we recieve of Him, through faith. Here, He nourishes our soul, forgives our sins, and strengthens us to arise, and make the journey. Through His Word and Spirit, we have strength for the journey.


The journey through life will not always be easy. There will surely be the obstacles and the setbacks. They will slow us down, but we should never allow them to stop us. Christ will give us the strength, through His Spirit. Through faith in Christ, we can press on. Through out the journey, the Savior will give us strength. We can always have faith that He'll give us, strength for the journey.:jesus-cross:


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and the spirit will get us there .with Good spirit.the light lights the way,i walk in light.i forget evil it does not encumber i.


Such truth and THANK YOU!


Matthew 10:38
And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.