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Submit your church

I own Jopart Web Directory which I promote and such for SEO purposes. I would love to fill up the states with churches and would like to extend this opportunity to each and every one of you. The directory is a paid directory but I do not plan to charge churches to list.

If you would like to submit to Jopart, you can visit the site at the url in my signature or you may PM me here with the following info

Church Name
Brief UNIQUE description about your church including the location and denomination.
email if possible

Thank you
I just checked it out.
With the font color and the background color, I can hardly read the words.
With it like that, I don’t think I would be interested.

OK, wait a minute. I just went back and now I can read everything. I’ve never seen a page do that before when it was loading.
Belay my last.
I’ll look around the site when I get a little more time. :eek:

If that happens to anyone else, give it a little time.
The directory is fairly new and we are working on it. Presently there is a coding issue which is causing memory exhaustion. The coders will be addressing that this week. It does occasionally do that, I appologize.


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In order to maintain the safety and security of the membership and any personal or affiliation data that they wish to submit, the CFS staff is requiring that all such correspondence be done by way of PM to 'Magnoliaweb' rather than in open postings in this thread. Please Review Forum Regulations 6.1 and 6.2 as listed below.

These regulations were developed to prevent datamining, spamming, identity theft as well as the compromising membership information. Anyone wishing to submit data to 'Magnoliaweb' or any other individual or organization, please think carefully about it and do so at your own risk.

If you are an individual member of a church, you must obtain administrative permission from that church to provide their information to others. This is covered in most church charters or administrative/organizational operating procedures for most non-profit organizations. Thank you for your cooperation.

Personal Details - Postal address or email address
Rule 6.1 Do not give your personal details such as postal address or email address to anyone except the Administrator.

Rule 6.2 A Member may not ask other Members for the phone number, address, whether physical, email or instant message. If someone annoys you through email or PM, notify the Moderators or the Administrator immediately and we will notify the respective authorities about this behavior. Do not reply to unknown emails.

This thread is being closed, but correspondence by way of PM between members and the original poster in this thread will be allowed. Thank you.

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