Suggested Reading For Israel/church Distinctions

To those who’ve been following the Israel/Church distinction posts, I would like to wait until sometime later to reply to any more comments and questions relating to this issue, because there is still much which I also need to research concerning doctrines related to it.

I’m going to try to wait about a week or so to allow time for us to view (study) some material I also am studying, some of which I would like to suggest to those who are interested in this issue. I think it would helpful to keep notes on questions and comments you may develop which you may want to ask one another now, or myself later. At present, I’m more in favor of the first link, but I haven’t been over either of them enough times to determine what I believe is the most probable truth, in my own opinion of-course.

I believe the Lord teaches us through one another, by His Spirit, so my earnest prayer to the Lord is that He will use everything to cause us always to desire to “reason together,” (Isa 1:18) in “the word of truth,” by His Spirit (1 Cor 2:13), ultimately resulting in the unconditional forgiveness and love to all (John 15:12), “especially unto them who are of the household of faith” (Gal 6:10).

This doesn’t mean I will not reply to other unrelated posts and replies.

Thanks and God be blessed, and His guidance to us!

Suggested Reading: