Summer school or summer break?

Are taking off or going back this summer?

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I will be spending my summer in school getting a few classes out of the way so I can graduate in December.
I'm not taking any classes at school during the Summer, but I am taking the time off as an opportunity. ;)

My oldest son has a computer based school system and has plans to work ahead this summer - my youngest seems more interested in time off :D
It's not exactly summer vocation for me here (Malaysia has no four seasons) but I'm taking a long vacation while waiting for university to start.
I'll stay work....I keep that for later...when I finish college or maybe next year... :)
...this summer I prefer to go camping :)
I love my summer holidays. No college whoooo. Catch up on all that sleep I missed.:sleeping
In my Summer, I general go and help out with my church summer program they put on :jesus-cross:. I also I get myself sorted out spritureal like going away to a Massive youth Christian festival called Soul Survivor. I love it.:read-bible: