Summer's End - A Poem

Summer's End - A Poem

This was a poem I wrote a while back during August. It's called "Summer's End". I think you get the point.



As the summer months come to a close
The heralding of autumn a touch of gold
The winter wind a bitter kiss
The days end with a nostalgic feel.

Of mornings spent with sweet bird song
Of afternoons under bright sunshine
Of evenings in pleasant nights
Gazing at a sparkling sky.

Summer’s end comes with the children’s groan
The adult’s last moments of childhood returned
As autumn comes with a touch of gold
And the winter wind a bitter kiss.


But it doesn't RHYME! How can it be a poem if it doesn't rhyme?

Sorry. I really do know better. :D

Very nicely done, very evocative.


Account Closed
yes this is a bitter pill to swallow,the safety of parents and school,and then we are thrown into the world with diffrent rules.:eek:
Poems don't have to rhyme.

I loved it my little sis . You got a lot of talent .:D

I know, I was just funnin' :D:D

I've read a lot of well meant but really terrible poetry with no sense of the elements that make poetry, but it RHYMED! Sometimes forcibly, but it RHYMED! :rolleyes:

I'm no literary expert, but based on this poem, I'd say NTG has a good poetic sense. More! More! We demand more!
Nearer you have such a bueatifull heart you are truly so gifted may God always keep you in the centre of His will near to His heart because dear little sis you are dear to His heart love you in Christ your brother ill alqways keep you covered in prayer Gosd bless Adam.
I like that Nearer, God's deffinitely given you a gift! I found this one the other day, thought you might like it:

My Old Bible

Though the cover is worn,
And the pages are torn,
And though places bear traces of tears,
Yet more precious than gold
Is this Book worn and old,
That can shatter and scatter my fears.

This old Book is my guide,
'Tis a friend by my side,
It will lighten and brighten my way;
And each promise I find
Soothes and gladdens the mind,
As I read it and heed it each day.

To this Book I will cling,
Of its worth I will sing,
Though great losses and crosses be mine;
For I cannot despair,
Though surrounded by care,
While possessing this blessing Divine.