Sunday School: Round Two!

I know this is not a personal diary and I know I'm being repetitive but I really want to share this with you guys. I'm so excited!

My first Sunday School lesson was not brilliant but lesson #2 was much, much better.

I used my secret weapon - my Android tablets - and the kids loved it. Praise the Lord for that!

We did some memes, everybody loves them. I showed them a meme of Jesus helping a crippled man with the caption 'Jesus is always there for you' and then they did their own memes using a great app called MemeMe. It was simple (I don't know them yet, so I didn't want to take any chances), creative, fun and I know they enjoyed it. :D

As always, in the end we recited the Lord's Prayer together - it's always the most important part of the lesson.

Next time, I want them to take photos of our church - a gorgeous XVIII century building - but I'm not sure the priest will allow it. Keep praying for me, guys!
Sounds like a good beginning! I am praying that these youngsters will soon discover that what God is calling them to is a real, personal 24/7 relationship with Him, and that they will come to the point of giving their hearts to Jesus!
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