Have a great Lord's Day. :jesus-sign: May Jesus love be a very powerful force in you life.

"It will be the same as during the time of Lot when God
destroyed Sodom. Those people were eating, drinking, buying,
selling, planting, and building houses for themselves. The
people were doing these things even on the day when Lot left
town. Then fire and sulphur rained down from the sky and
killed them all. This is exactly how it will be when the Son
of Man comes again."

-- Luke 17:28-30 (ERV)

Just as in the previous verses, Jesus warns again that people will not
be paying attention when he comes. They will have settled into their
ungodly lifestyles and will be totally surprised. For those not ready,
it will be a time of destruction. However, it will be a time of
celebration for those of us who are joyously anticipating his return.
Yet even for us, the potential of Jesus' coming today should help us
sharpen our focus and live with a special spiritual intensity. How
would your life be lived today, tomorrow, and all the tomorrows which
follow if each day you lived as if Jesus were returning that day?
That's how Jesus wants us to live each day.
That is true, Dusty~
Christ will come when we are least expecting it, I believe.
We need to be ready and watchful always.