Super Bowl Miracle


Super Bowl Miracle

[FONT='Trebuchet MS',Verdana, sans-serif]Super Bowl Miracle[/FONT]

[FONT='Trebuchet MS', Verdana, sans-serif]On February 3 more than 90 million people watched the New York Giants pull off what some are calling a “miraculous” 17-14 upset during Super Bowl XLII. For the born-again, spirit-filled, Giants wide receiver David Tyree, the team’s unlikely win was not a surprise. “It felt like it was destiny,” Tyree said. “I knew God would do what He said He was going to do.” The night before the Super Bowl, Apostle Kimberly Daniels, Tyree’s “spiritual mom” and founder of Spoken Word Ministries in Jacksonville, Fla., along with her husband, Ardell, prayed with Tyree. They received some very specific prophecies about what role he would play in the game. Daniels told Tyree that the Lord would “quicken” his feet and give him “hind’s feet,” which she later explained to him were like the feet of a kangaroo. She also told him that he would have “spiritual glue” on his hands and would make “the big play.” The next day Tyree experienced amazing results during the Super Bowl, including a 5-yard touchdown reception that put the Giants ahead 10-7 and a 32-yard acrobatic reception, which most believe was the turning point of the game. Tyree, who this season had caught only a meager four passes, none of which were touchdowns, gives the credit for his spectacular Super Bowl performance to God. “Obviously that catch was the Ephesians 3:20 catch,” Tyree said. “You can above all that you could ever ask or imagine.”—Chad Bonham

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